Day 193-197

What a busy few days I have had. On Friday Randy and I spent the day shopping. We needed to get a bunch of things for the house. It was a fun shopping trip for sure. Once the kids got home we even took them out shopping too! We got home in time to take Mia to dance and get dinner.

On Saturday we were right back out shopping in the morning. We bought our dining table finally and got home just in time for the people to pick up the hutch. Yay! Once Randy went to work we were right back out again, this time with my Mom and brothers. We shopped all night, only stopping to take Mia to a sleep over party.

On Sunday I picked Mia up from her friends house and we all went to church. After church my Mom and took the kids grocery shopping while Randy stayed home putting our new entertainment center together. Once we got home we all reveled in our new tv and then made a bunch of food for our little Super Bowl party. It was a big success and our Packers Won!!

Yesterday all I wanted to do was rest but instead I got up super early and drove out an hour to my friends’ house to pick her up to take her to school. Her car broke down. Once home I cleaned a bunch of the house, moving stuff around all our new furniture. Then I tried to take a small nap before the kids got home. Late last night, after a counseling session with my Mom and brothers we were ALL tired. The kids especially. Too many late nights!

Today I was soooo tired. It’s the only day I didn’t have something going on so I spent the day resting. I got more stuff moved and organized. I was going to get in the shower early but instead was so cold I fell asleep trying to warm up. Finally I got up, took a shower and decided to go through our pictures. I really need to get them on discs and get them off the computer. I took the first step by going through them all and putting all the pics the kids took and putting them in a special file. Tomorrow, if I have time, I will get them on discs….


Day 192

Today was my Mom’s birthday. I spent the day getting ready and shopping for it. Once she got home we took her out to eat and gave her big coffee maker she wanted. She spent the rest of the night happily reading all about her Keurig and what she could make with it. Wouldn’t actually make anything, just talked about it, lol.

Other than that not much of a day. I am tired though and looking forward to going to bed soon!

Day 191

Today was a snow day for the kids. There was a big storm coming so they called it off last night before the storm even showed up. And just because of their unusual premature decision the storm ended up being a flop. But the kids had fun anyway. I think Randy went a bit nuts having everyone home all day. During dinner he congratulated me on not being an alcoholic. When I asked him why he said “Because, if I had to stay home with all of them all day I would be!”.

We did get the hutch done. It’s all ready for the lady I pray shows up!! I played Sims today too since last night after playing for 3 1/2 hours the computer froze and I lost ALL my progress from the evening. Tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday so I get to go out shopping, last minute, for her birthday present. I hope I can get it. Fingers crossed…

Day 190

I spent all afternoon on the phone making appointments and things. Very productive and a huge relief to have done. I also decide to clean a whole bunch, with the help of my brother, and to run my very cold Mom a hot bath in the candle light. She was so relaxed and warm afterwards that I decided to let Mia take candlelit shower. Now everyone is warm and cozy and in their beds. I think I will play Sims 🙂

Day 187, 188, &189

My weekend was good. It wasn’t very productive but it was still busy. I was hoping to have the lady for the hutch come by and get it but she never did. She says next weekend now. Please, please, please don’t let this fall through. Ughh

On Saturday night I had a dinner to go to with my Dad and “Step Mom”. She was receiving an award and it was kinda a big deal to her so I wanted to be there. I don’t really talk to any of the older people who were there so I spent the night taking advantage of the open bar and laughing to myself at the increasingly sloshed people around me. Once I got home I got to tell it all to my brother who found the whole thing very amusing. I think I may have made it sound much more exciting then it was.

On Sunday we didn’t go to church because of a bathroom, or lack there of, situation. Instead we got ready and went to my Dads to celebrate Mia’s birthday. But I still managed to get a few things I needed done around the house all weekend. In between everything else.

Today was Monday and followed suit with very monday-like behaviors. Randy and I spent all morning instead of getting up, working out, and going to the store to shop for paint. Not to be discouraged I spent the afternoon taking pictures of the pets. I needed one of Bailey to send with a few Thank You cards and the pets were all so cute I ended up taking a bunch. Then I printed the ones I needed of Bailey and now am going through my over 1,600 songs to make a workout playlist. This is going to take a while, I’m still in the B’s…..

Day 183-186

I had a good week. It was busy with me getting ready for the hutch to be picked up this weekend (fingers still crossed). I never went a day without being productive. Not even today when I spent most of my day with my brother having a movie marathon. I can’t wait until the hutch is gone!

Randy and I even got the chance to finally work out together yesterday. It’s something we want to start doing all the time now. But Randy hasn’t been feeling well enough to do it lately. I’m glad he was yesterday!

Day 182

This morning was a bit stressful and I spent almost all day in bed with a headache. So this afternoon all I did was make a pitcher of lemonade, read magazines and help my brother study for his BIG test tomorrow. I mean besides my normal duties. Tomorrow will be better. No really, I insist!

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